How to choose your shoe size?

Unfortunately, the official size-tags of shoes happen to be misleading in many cases. Not only seems to be a big gap between real and communicated shoe-sizes among different brands, but there is significant inconsistancy through different models of a single brand too. That’s why we’re measuring every single shoe model of Oversize webshop on our own. So you can be sure, that what you order from us, we’ll be as fitting as possible.

You’ll find the measured size of every shoe on it’s Oversize product page. Here is an example of how to use that data. If your longer foot happens to be 303 mm, choose from shoes, which’s length falls in the range of 308 and 312 mm.

How to measure your foot?

step 1.
To achieve best result, when measuring wear socks that you’s use with the chosen shoe model.

step 2.
Step with both heels to the wall. Always measure your longer foot.
step 3.
Place a book to the edge fo your big toe.
step 4.
Use a tape line or something similar and measure the length of your foot.
step 5.
Repeat the previous step to be certain about the result.