Products ordered will be delivered by GLS.

If you’ve provided your phone number at the order, GLS is notifying you about the planned date of delivery. GLS tries to complete a delivery two times. If the first attempt turns out to be unsuccesful, GLS tries to deliver the item the next workday.

GLS is delivering your shoes workdays from 8 am to 5 pm. If your’re usually not avaliable at home in this timeframe, we recommend to add the address of your workplace as the address of delivery to your order.
You may see the actual delivery fee on the checkout page

Delivery takes 1 to 5 business days

What if the shoe doesn’t fit you?

If your new shoe doesn’t fit, you may return it free of charge.

In this case, you shall notify us via our contact form. We arrange a delivery for you, also via GLS, the cost of the return is on us. Please take into account, that you have to pack the shoe to be delivery-compatible.

There is a re-delivery charge for exchanges. We’ll deliver an exchange to the same address as your original order unless you tell us otherwise.

If you ask for a replacement and you find the second shoe non-fitting as well, the return-fee of this second product will be on you.

Inapporpriate way of return:

Please make sure that the shoe box stays in original conditiion. If you return the box in a dirty, torn or anyhow damaged condition, we’ll have to deduct the price of the box from the original price of the shoe when returning it to your account.

When returning a shoe, we can only accept a shoe in brand new condition and undamaged wrapping as a return. The shoe and it’s box are both part of the product, so we ask you to return both of them in original condition. Other parts of the wrapping are not part of the product.

Other important things to know

To be able to provide you with free return policy, please let us organise the delivery for you. If you claim a free return, get in contact with us via our contac form, otherwise you’ll have to cover the costs of the delivery. Thank you for your understanding.